Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is unintentional and totally in your head.

Once upon a time there was a girl who pretended to be really cool. She turned up her snooty nose at a lot of things and liked to think she was above being a hyperventilating fangirl.

And then she heard that an actor whom she had once been rather more than fond of; who had played one of her favourite characters on a ludicrous Hindi soap; who had quit the show and disappeared for two whole years, was coming to her city to promote his debut movie.

And she knew she had to go attend his promotional event.

She owed him and the fandom.

So carefully wrapping her snootiness in silk and tissue and putting it away, she got ridiculously dressed up and went to meet this actor. She went early. She, who had always laughed at other fangirls for waiting in line for hours, went almost 45 minutes early to this event. (Karma is a bitch, truly.)
And when she first caught a glimpse of the actor walking into the room, I regret to inform you that she hyperventilated. She grinned creepily at him. She hung onto his every word. She walked around while rocking on her heels, unable to process that she was truly seeing one half of a couple that had held her imagination for close to three years.

She finally took a couple of deep breaths, gathered the courage to go talk to him, and called out his name.

He turned to look at her, as polite as ever. “Yes?”

“Hey! I know you probably get a lot of this, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for playing this character that has connected fangirls all over the world and created this crazy, wonderful community of fans, writers, readers, artists and general nuts. I don’t know if you know just how many of us there are, but on behalf of all my friends whom I met because of your show, and me, of course, I just wanted to say that we really, really appreciate it! I hope your movie does well!” She was surprisingly articulate given how her brain had turned into near-mush.

He broke into an awkward grin. “Thank you! That’s very sweet of you!”

At this incredible moment, a journalist/crew member standing nearby asked the girl if she would like a picture with him. She nodded as calmly as she could and handed her cell phone over to her. After the picture was taken, she turned around to shake hands with him one last time, flashed all 32 of her teeth at him and ran out to text all her fangirl friends: her composure in tatters.

As she gushed for the next three odd hours to anyone who cared to listen (other than the fangirls– an excited mother, a bemused father and a snarky sister who was in splits), she realized that no matter how cool you think you are, fangirling will be your Achilles Heel. And that she is a romantic sap who holds onto good memories like Gollum held onto his Precioussss.


I should have shared this picture earlier, but well, excitement mein I forget things. Thanks for reminding me. Since all characters in this story are fictional, here you see featured 1) Arnavji and 2) a girl who doesn’t exist, in a realistically shitty cell phone picture. The amount of teeth said girl is flashing, however, is absolutely accurate. Fictionally speaking.

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24 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Hahaha, dear too-snooty-to-be-a-hyperventilating-fangirl, you have a lot of other NOT-too-snooty-to-be-a-hyperventilating-fangirl(s) out for your blood now.
    But I totally agree with the part about making so many friends thanks to the show.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really really wish I had been there – and I say this only because I would have loved to see the FanGirl-Who-Is-Not-A-FanGirl, not because I am a closet fangirl myself, of course 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sem!

    You lucky you! I’m confident that the cool girl will bring back the packed snootiness from the closet and wear it yet again. Until of course, she chances across him once again 😉

    Kudos to you for actually saying what you did; it was indeed sweet. And brave (this coming from a person who would have been tongue-tied in front of him)

    P.S. You are tall :O

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is the most amusing, yet adorable narration of a fan meeting a celebrity that I’ve read! You’re so articulate! 😀

    Also, I love the picture! I can’t stop thinking about and laughing! I must say that it is the most creative way to maintain privacy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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