Kya Khabar Thi Jaana (Part 3)

Kya Khabar Thi Jaana

Kalpana grimaced as Khushi handed her a pair of faux leather slippers with a colourful beaded strap that wrapped around the ankles.

“Would it kill you to wear appropriate footwear for once in your life, Khushi? I swear to god, wearing your shoes is the worst part of The Twelfth Night. This dress is fine– comfortable even, although I do think this shade of yellow washes us out. But everything would be fine with a pair of tennis shoes.”

“Stop complaining! That colour is great for our skin tone and those are my favourite slippers! Do you know how weird I feel without my hoops?”

Khushi looked morosely at her reflection in the full-sized mirror on her closet door. She had chosen Kalpana’s ‘Kalpana-est outfit’– a khari-print fuchsia patiala paired with a black tank top, a ratty long grey shrug, Kalpana’s silver skull ear studs and her black and white sneakers.

“With these sneakers and my missing hoops, I feel like a part of me is missing.”

“You mean the corns on your feet that will transfer to mine in half an hour? It’s not too late. We can still switch outfits.”

“No fucking way. We’re doing this. Now stop fidgeting with those beads and come braid my hair the way you do it.”


“It’s uncanny.” Lavanya looked them over critically. “In my head, I know who’s who. But I don’t think I ever really appreciated just how much your clothes contribute to your personas.”

Kalpana narrowed her eyes and flashed Lavanya a very Khushi-like feline grin. “It’s not just the clothes, Lavender Brown…we have a lot of practice mimicking each other’s body language and ways of talking too. It started out as a silly game when we were kids, but we’ve turned it into a legit art form over the years. It’s true it’s been a couple of years since our last switch, but luckily, it isn’t something you forget.”

“Would you really not have been able to tell us apart if we hadn’t told you about The Twelfth Night?” Khushi affected the slightly deeper, measured quality of Kalpana’s speech.

Lavanya shivered. “I’m simultaneously so turned on and so creeped out, right now. The things you two make me a party to…and all because of that brat, who totally hasn’t come to college yet, by the way.”

“Oh, let it go, Lavanya. She’ll grow out of it.”

“I better be amply rewarded for playing along with this ridiculous scheme.”

Khushi lowered her eyes seductively. “Well, you’ll just have to wait for Kalpana to do something about it later.”

Lavanya heaved an audible sigh of relief. “Okay, no, that was overdone. Kalpana flirts with far more finesse than you.”

“I really resent that.” Khushi resumed her natural, straighter posture for a minute and scowled at both girls in front of her before stomping inside the building.

Still grinning, the real Kalpana stepped up to Lavanya and whispered in her ear. “Khushi has lots of weird ideas but she’s right on one count– I’ll make it up to you later… any way you like.”

The promise of retribution in Lavanya’s eyes added an extra spring to Kalpana’s steps as she walked to her first class. She rounded the corner and walked smack into a wall of hard muscle. She reeled backwards and an arm immediately shot out to steady her. Standing uncomfortably close to him, with his fingers firmly anchored around a wrist, Kalpana found herself looking straight up into Arnav Singh Raizada’s dark eyes.

His facial bone structure really is remarkably attractive.

Kalpana pushed the errant thought out of her mind, and focused on her script. Giving him a small smile, she pulled her arm out of his grip. “I know you wanted to talk…and I do too. Basketball court at eleven?”

He nodded slowly, staring so intensely at her that she wanted to look away. She forced herself to continue looking him in the eye. “I…have to go now. I’m getting late for class.”

“No problem,” he finally drawled, “I’ll catch you later. By the way, I have a message for your sister, from Akash whom I just spoke to. He apparently lost his phone this morning and can’t call. Where can I find her?”

Burning with curiosity, Kalpana told him. “Kalpana was going to check out a book from the library. You’ll probably find her there.”

“Thank you.”


Khushi hummed softly under her breath as the librarian stamped her book and scanned it. Of course, she was careful to hum one of Kalpana’s favourite love ballads. So far, her cover hadn’t slipped once and no one had even hinted at any confusion. The more time she spent as Kalpana, the more liberated she felt. No ugly confrontations awaited her anywhere; no one would ask her uncomfortable questions. Whereas Kalpana, without Khushi’s messy feelings in the picture, simply wouldn’t care if anyone did. Win-win.

Nodding her thanks at the librarian, she strolled out of the library and immediately came face to face with the last person she’d wanted to see that day.

Arnav had obviously been waiting for her. He leaned against the wall right outside the library, an unfamiliar victorious glint in his eyes and a small smile threatening the corner of his lips. Khushi had the strangest sensation of being on a roller coaster as her stomach swooped and executed a couple of loops.

Just as she was contemplating her odds of being able to run away without getting caught by someone several inches taller and at least ten times stronger and more agile, reality set in. She wasn’t Khushi, she was Kalpana! This was the whole point of the switch! He probably hadn’t been waiting for her at all.

She immediately relaxed her shoulders into Kalpana’s slight slouch and gave Arnav a vague smile. If anything, he seemed even more amused.

I must truly have been a pain in the ass if he’s in such a chipper mood today.

Khushi’s stomach stopped doing cartwheels and settled down, leaden with guilt and heartache. She fought to keep a pleasantly neutral expression on her face.

“Hey Arnav! What’re you doing here?”

“Waiting for you, actually. I had something rather personal to discuss. Since you don’t seem to have class right now, take a walk with me?”

Khushi was so taken aback by his response that she gawped at him for a whole minute.

“Kalpana? Is everything alright?”

“Ye–es, of course. Uh…what did you want to talk about?”

“Come with me and I’ll tell you.”

As far as Khushi knew, Arnav and Kalpana had never had a direct, one-on-one conversation in their lives. And he was so uncharacteristically cheerful and calm in this absurd situation, that it felt like she was in a parallel universe of some kind. One where there was no polite excuse to refuse his request with.

“Okay…where do you want to go?”

“The basketball court should be empty right now.”


It was a beautiful, clear morning, even though a few stray steel coloured clouds promised rain later in the day. With most people in class, and it being too early in the day for the usual groups of people who liked to hang around the court, she could’ve almost believed them to be completely alone. Khushi firmly shut the door on rose-coloured fantasies involving the two of them. Sitting next to Arnav on the stone steps of the little shed where extra sport supplies and some broken furniture was usually kept, she waited morosely for him to speak.

“I wanted to talk to you about Khushi, actually.”

This was just a morning full of surprises, wasn’t it?

“Talk to me about Khushi? Why? You should talk to Khushi about Khushi. She’s apologised, hasn’t she? That is, she told me she had. She’s awfully sorry, y’know. As it often happens, she wasn’t thinking things through.”

If Kalpana sounded oddly close to tears, it is to be hoped that Arnav didn’t notice.

“I’d really much rather talk to you, if that’s alright. I don’t want to…bother her. How’s she holding up?”

Khushi could have gladly put her head down on her knees and sobbed. She should’ve foreseen this. The considerate person that he was, she should’ve known he would seek out Kalpana first.

“She’s… fine. I mean, she’s naturally a little upset. Nothing a little time won’t fix.” As Khushi tried to frame a nonchalant answer to his question, she realized that this was the perfect moment to get her message across. “You’re… right. You absolutely shouldn’t talk to her for a few weeks. Maybe months. For that matter, avoid talking to me in front of her too…that might upset her as well. You should just keep away altogether. Yeah.”

“That might pose a problem, Khushi.”

“What problem?” Khushi turned her head to look at him, and realized a fraction of a second too late that she hadn’t corrected him. As her eyes widened in confusion, he carried on as though nothing had happened.

“I have a couple of tickets to go see Ishaani perform live at the NCPA tomorrow night, and I was hoping you’d go with me. We could sit on either ends of a row, but I’d much rather you sit next to me. It’s not a movie, but I think we’ll enjoy this concert more.”

Dropping all pretense, Khushi stood up, her eyes bright with tears. “I apologised, Arnav. What more do you want? Is this your sick idea of a joke?”

The next moment, Khushi found her hand in his and with one sharp tug, she was back on the step next to him. The sudden pull made her sprawl inelegantly against his torso, and he wrapped his other arm around her waist to steady her. Suddenly, she was too close to him– too close to his face, too close to his body. As her breath quickened, she lifted her eyes to his. She was so close, she could see the grain of his stubble, the little flecks of gold where the sun bounced off his eyes, and she could smell the heady mix of forest and mint– his aftershave and toothpaste. With a little twinge of nervousness, she noted his fading amusement and the grim lines around his mouth.

Very gently, he pushed her away from him although her hand remained in his.

“Why would you think this is a joke?”

“Well, what am I supposed to think? Till yesterday, you did nothing but dismiss my feelings. And then…Ayesha pointed out what an asshole I was being so I said sorry and decided to back off. And today, you suddenly want to go out with me?”

“I don’t ‘suddenly’ want to go out with you, Khushi. I’m doing what I should’ve done weeks ago. What you have been doing for two months. Telling you how I feel.”

Khushi used her left hand to swipe at the tears drying on her cheeks–for some reason, he wouldn’t let go of her right one– and looked out toward the rustling leaves of the deodar trees lining the boundary wall.



“So…are we on for tomorrow?”

She turned towards him again with a tired smile.

“I guess. It depends.”

“On what?”

“On how well you explain the meaning of this.”

It was Arnav’s turn to squirm. He began stroking his thumb across the back of her hand, focusing all his attention on the task.

“You know how you thought I was joking right now?”


“That was my problem for all these weeks. I thought you were joking every time you said something outrageous or asked me out.”

Of all the possible explanations Khushi had expected to hear, this was nowhere on the list.


“To quote you, what was I supposed to think? We met and became friends. You’d come watch our basketball games and horse around with us. All the guys flirted casually with you and you returned it in kind. And then one fine day, you turned all your attention to me! You exaggerated the story of how we’d met until it sounded like a damn Bollywood movie. You took perverse delight in saying suggestive things loudly in front of everyone. I figured you were doing it because you’d noticed that I wouldn’t mess around with you, like the other guys. And honestly, if it had been anyone else, I probably would have been right there with Aman and Akash and Dylan. But I liked you, Khushi. And I couldn’t fuck around like that– it messed with my head. I was in this impossible position where I was so turned on by the attention from you, but knew that you didn’t mean it. That’s why I dissed you all the time. And it was only yesterday, when you reacted the way you did to Ayesha’s careless words that it finally occurred to me that you hadn’t been joking. Your apology text sealed the deal and I knew I had to talk to you in person.”

“My god.”

His head snapped up. “What?”

“So…you’re saying, my relentless pursuit had appeared to be a joke to you, and it was my apology and decision to back off that convinced you I was serious?”

“It sounds really stupid when you put it like that, but pretty much. Yeah.”

Khushi bristled, trying to tug her hand out of his. “That is so fucked up, Arnav Singh Raizada.  And it is stupid.”

When he refused to let go, she huffed and gave up. Now that she was vocally angry, he seemed a lot more relaxed than he had any right to be in the situation.

“Come on, Khushi, give me a break. I’ve been fucking conditioned by movies and shows and books to expect girls who drop subtle hints about their feelings and wait for guys to make the first move. Nothing in pop culture had prepared me for a girl who is a friend for a few weeks and then suddenly starts pursuing me with this kind of dogged good humour. I was confused and…scared that I was reading too much into your words. I cared– I care too much to kid around about this.”

The earnestness and touch of defiance in his face made Khushi’s heart stutter a little before it picked up again. As his words gradually sank in, her stomach resumed its roller coaster ride and she felt a rather alarming desire to do a happy dance. She contented herself with a slow, Grinch-like grin.

“Bottomline, you’re basically saying that you like me. And you want to go out with me.”

Mirroring Khushi’s, Arnav’s lips too stretched into a wide, dorky smile.

“Yeah, I am.”

She threw her arms around neck with a gleeful laugh. “About fucking time, Arnav. God, who knew you’d be such an adolescent boy in this matter. If this is the best you can do, you’ll never catch any bad guy worth his salt till you’re fifty.”

His arms tightened around her waist and she could feel him press his lips to her temple. “I’ll be sure to consult you every time I have a new case, Einstein.”

“Speaking of Einsteins, how did you know I’m me? No one except our Mom, and maybe, Lavanya, has ever seen through The Twelfth Night.”

“Excuse me? The Twelfth Night?”

“You know– the switch. Like Viola and Sebastian from The Twelfth Night. I was supposed to be Kalpana, and she was supposed to be Khushi for today.”

“That is a ridiculous idea. While her clothes did fool me for a bit, within two seconds of talking to ‘Khushi’ it was obvious that it was Kalpana pretending to be you for some reason. And I could make a fair guess as to why. So that meant I had to look for ‘Kalpana.’ Did you really want to avoid me that badly?”

Khushi nuzzled into the crook of his neck. “I’m sorry. I was bravely dealing with heartbreak, okay.”

He tangled his fingers in her hair, messing up her braid. “No, I’m sorry. For being oblivious.”

“It’s okay. Lavanya said I have no finesse when it comes to flirting.”

“I hate to say this, but she’s right. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Now that I know you’re serious, you can say as many suggestive things to me as you want.”

“Can I ask you another question?”


“Does my sledgehammer flirting really turn you on?”

He pulled away slightly to look at her, smirk firmly back in place. “This is a very inappropriate place to show you just how much, so this will have to do for now.”

He lowered his head and pressed his mouth to hers. Parting her lips with his own, he stroked at the inside of her bottom lip with his tongue. Khushi closed her eyes and shivered. She anchored herself by fisting her hand around the collar of his shirt. Not that he would’ve let her fall. His arms cradled her to his chest, where she could feel the hard thump of his heart with every breath. When she broke away for air, he curled his fingers around the nape of her neck and pulled her right back, brushing her lips with his.

“See why stamina is helpful?”

Khushi laughed, a bubble of joy swelling within. Kissing Arnav Singh Raizada was every bit as delicious as she’d imagined it would be.


“It’s a Gupta sister rule. Tell him Lavanya.”

Arnav scowled, still shielding his plate from Khushi’s outstretched fingers. “I don’t believe it. You constantly make up rules to suit yourself.”

Kalpana worked hard to maintain a straight face. “Khushi’s right. Dating a Gupta sister means always sharing food with us. Khushi has dibs on half of anything you’re eating.”

“She has definitely eaten more than half my fries.”

“Yeah, that’s ‘cause I didn’t eat any of your burger. So I’m making up with the fries.”

“You don’t like fish burgers.”

“That’s entirely besides the point. Now hand those over.”

Arnav looked helplessly at Lavanya.

Lavanya nodded with the long-suffering patience of a saint. “It’s true. Welcome to the dark side, Arnav…Goswami.”


Note: And we’re done! Much as I would’ve enjoyed a Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare bhaisaab really liked his twins) with Kalpana, Khushi, Arnav, and Lavanya, I feel it would’ve been inconsistent with Arnav-Khushi’s relationship for Arnav not to see through the deception.

So what are we celebrating, you ask? Those who follow me on twitter may already know this, I’ve been on a 90s Akshay Kumar binge. In the last three weeks, I’ve literally watched 37 out of the 45 movies he was lead actor of up until 2000 (and will no doubt watch the remaining soon). Most are rewatches, although I have discovered some hilarious, more obscure gems. Now, I know there are so, so many problematic things about his films, but I was suddenly reminded of one bit I un-ironically loved. And today we’re celebrating the trope of the feisty, hoop-wearing journalist who is very upfront about her attraction to the alpha-male, sullen cop. Said cop is, of course, not a chauvinist in my world, but merely uncertain and sweet. While Raveena Tandon may have needed saving by the end of those movies, Khushi Gupta doesn’t, and she gets what she wants. Heh. That’s really it.


49 thoughts on “Kya Khabar Thi Jaana (Part 3)

  1. Hahaha what hit me the most was Arnav Goswami.😂😂 There’s never been a more in-your-face tv character than him.

    But yes it was to be expected that Arnav would easily tell which twin was “his”. So he’s been as interested as she was trying not to show she was with her innuendos and her flirting. Oh what a complicated Web….

    And now he’s stuck sharing his fries…in my book a complete no-no. I don’t share those with anyone. Not even my Arnav.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Arnav Goswami!!! Of course everyone worth their salt should have seen THAT coming!! Super end to super celebration! I am so happy to see your spin on Tip Tip Barsa and Chura ke Dil – the epitome of tropes – hoop wearing journo / crook and sullen cop!! Shakespeare Dada must be a happy man once again today! Take a bow

    And YES to Y2K!!! Where is the woman

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome! What a fun ride this was! Your khushi is a good 100 times better journalist than Raveena was in the movie. I like the Akshay Kumar of post 2010 a lot better than than the 90s version. And for the life of me I can’t imagine Arnav as either Akshay or Mr Goswami. He’s far too sweet and far more sexy than either of them.
    Coming back to the story, it was an awesome ending. Kya khabar this Jana that Arnav was so shy of expressing his true feelings.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Arnav Goswami! Hehe! Love him about as much(if not more) than Akshay Kumar. 😛
    Arnav had to recognise Khushi. He has feelings for her, so he cannot but recognise her. And one can understand the mix up. He thought she was just having fun at his expense.
    Chalo, all’s well that ends well. Khushi is with her Prince Charming sharing his fries!
    Going to read Y2K again. Miss RB too.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw that ended. 😦

    Write more, please?

    Well that was obvious k Arnav will defo guess who is khushi and who is kalpana but what was NOT expected was Goswami’s reasons of dismissing khushi. He should really think about his dream of catching gundaas, ya?

    You were celebrating 90s. ? That came to my mind but I. Well….

    That was a fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed last three days of reading, after a long time 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This worth Congratulating!!!!!
    35 out-of 47!!!!! Better condition than Indian Team!!!!

    The Akki touches were great!!!
    But thankfully Khushi is much better than Raveena didnt like her!!!

    He thought she was Joking!!!!!!
    seriously what a cop???

    This was soo good!!!!!!
    Loved it!!!!

    Take Care!!!

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  7. Hey!! This was just awesome 😀 …the way he figured out within seconds and then didn’t even bring up the issue during the conversation..and he grew more comfortable when she was angry…he’s such a sweetheart ❤ … I'd thought of this being a possibility as well that he probably thought she'd been fooling around and hence he never brought up his feelings.. coz in the previous update where she cracks a joke about him having enough stamina for both of them and his reaction to it 😛 …oh and I totally love the dating Gupta sisters rule 😀 …
    Please do keep writing more such stories whenever you find time 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  8. Leave it to you to spin a wonderful tale out of something I used to think was funny in a bad-movie-you-can’t-stop-watching kind of way. From Raveena-Akshay to this feel-good story of twins and love and oblivious studs, you have taken this so far and so well, I can only reiterate kya bolun ab.
    But let’s start with the switch, shall we? I agree, a comedy of errors would have been funny but out of place here. Not with the absence of rabba ve in BG, which only ever happens to Kalpana when La is around anyway. (I love the exchange between La and Kalpana just before they walk away, btw. Very hot).
    So Arnav ain’t fooled, and he zeroes in on the switch right away and what follows is probably one of my favorite ArHi conversations written by you. I love how real it was, with the little ‘conditioning’ waali speech. And that kiss! Made for some delicious reading too 😀
    And I never though I’d say this about Arnab Goswami, but the play on his name turned out to be the icing on the cake and I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read it 😀

    My only question is, why end here? Why not continue with this celebration of cops and flirty journalists and young love, and take it forward? Maybe an epilogue where Arnav the cop has just returned from an all-night stake out, only to find that his phone has been bombarded with suggestive messages from his wife, sent from her junior editor’s office, no less? 😀
    Sigh. That’s the magic of your writing. Always leaves us wanting more.
    Please watch the 8 movies that are remaining and maybe you’ll get inspired? Hum intezaar karenge.

    Liked by 6 people

  9. did u really have to name him Arnav Goswami…but i enjoyed it immencely and like u said what kinda lover would he be if he cannot see who he loved…..but that was fun..i hope you have more celebrations coming up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Ha ha ha ha
    Arnav goswami 😀 😀

    I liked the way khushi’s twelfth night turned out .
    I wish this story went on… It was so much fun.
    Thanks for recommending Y2K.
    S plz write some new story plz pretty plz 🙂

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  11. I was also hoping for Arnav to notice that they were playing each other. Of course he was confused if Khushi really liked him or was just having fun. Overly attention does leave people confused.
    And the Gupta sister rules about food sharing was funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Haye! All’s well that ends well. In addition to the celebration of 90’s ka Akki, this could very well be an ode to The Twelfth Night. Had I been able to mouth a shayari, I would’ve gone on and on about saccha pyaar standing the test of look-alikes.

    Loved how you tied it all up in this one. as convoluted as it might seem, Arnav’s doubts are believable, and I’m glad that they were put to rest, if only after a slight bump.

    And congratulations on mastering Photoshop version 1.0. I’ve never gone beyond putting a thought towards learning it, and eventually end up soliciting others for story banners 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  13. nation wants to know when r u writing epilogue or a new story? 😀

    i loved it and my guess was write he knew it was khushi after some time and didn’t even point out….hayee
    and the kiss….*hot*

    i thought la-kalpana convo was a joke at first…but guess it wasn’t. 😛
    please write more plz…looooooveeee ur writing.

    P.S. inspired by u and this story I watched MOHRA was fun(specially dance , get up, villain etc)….i think am going to continue this celebration for a while now 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Finally, the story reaches its in conclusion. I loved the concept of the “twelveth night”. How everything in the end falls in place with Arshi. I agree with you on this, if Arnav hadn’t identified Khushi, it wouldn’t have felt right 😛

    And, then I loved Kalpana and La too. ^___^

    Arnav yaar your reasons for not taking Khushi seriously are well understood. I love the whole ending part.

    Please dear come back for more. from time to time!! It is like a fan begging for more.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Kalpana-Khushi and Arnav sought’s khushi in their switch too 😀

    “Of all the possible explanations Khushi had expected to hear, this was nowhere on the list” – definitely not on my list too

    Stamina Arnav ! Really ! 😀 cool

    Gupta rule to share food – I was grinning but at Arnav Goswami I might have fell down from bed 😀

    Simply Superb ❤

    Divyaarnavsr from IF
    Thank you so much for celebrating 🙂

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  16. This was awesome! I only got around to reading the third part today.
    Arnav being able to tell them apart was completely in line with the story. It would have been weird otherwise.
    I completely loved this adorable pair that you’ve created- hoop wearing vocal-about-her-feelings girl with a basketball playing unsure-about-what-to-do guy.
    Loved the way you made up a Gupta sister rule about sharing food. I’m so stealing that. Because French fries are my favourite food. Any food is my favourite food.Period.
    I love that you’ve given a tribute to 90s indipop movies- the movies may suck exponentially but there’s always a pick me up in there somewhere.
    PS- Loved the suggestion of readin Y2K! Thanks for that.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. I basically read your entire blog in the last 2 days. You probably don’t know me. I’m just a silent reader hunting for amazing stories to read. I’ve been away from the the IPK universe for a long time now, and it was about time I came back.

    Long story short, you are amazing. I really hope you write more and more, because it feels absolutely amazing to be reading your stories. Best wishes!

    Liked by 2 people

  18. So enjoyed this fun and entertaining story, why did you stop??? The nation wants to know! Arnav Goswami was the icing on the cake. Still cracking up about that:)

    Liked by 1 person

  19. I hd not realised that you were still writing. I absolutely loved this one. This is the melt your bones, lovely warm feeling kind of story.

    Dont don’t stop writing! Like I said, seriously fan-girling 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  20. This was amazing. Honestly, i wait for your shots to get updated here, i check once in few months and i was so damn happy to see not just one but 3 shots. Made my day. The concept was amazing. Hope to read more from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Superb story !! Ayesha became the catalyst to Arnav and khushi’s love life !! Truly ironic and extremely well conceived story line. Thoroughly enjoyed it !! Brilliantly written!! 🙂 ship13(IF)

    Liked by 1 person

  22. I fangirled over this story way too hard…..hell yeah….Arnav could see through their disguise…. It’s all in the eyes…. Khushi’s are like magnets to Arnav….damn this story ended on a perfect note…. Goswami….hehehehehehe….gosh ever since i heard the name all I could Think of was ASR….now I will think of your story. I loved every sentence of it. Everything was amazing. I want more…. Bless you for writing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. So so so so loved this one… I am on the verge of losing my heart to your stories… They are so different and refreshing.. I loved this one to the bits also…. The twins thing was so lovely and then Arnav getting harassed by khushi’s straightforward flirting was hilarious… Ya I got to know their little story in the end but initially it was damn hilarious… I enjoyed every bit of this….
    Waiting to read more such stuff…
    So please write something new sooner than soon

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Loved this story. The friendship between the characters is so heartwarming.
    Khushis flirting was very in your face! And lavanya was a great character in this…so dry and witty.
    I do wonder what became of Ayesha and her crush though!

    Liked by 1 person

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